Monday, December 07, 2015

The (old) song I discovered in 2015

This has been largely the story of my pop-culture life, especially with regards to music. Up until late 1992 (when I was 12), I listened to whatever was on pop radio. But a Michael Jackson HBO concert in October of that year made me super-into the King of Pop, and I begged for a Thriller CD for Christmas. When the album was new in 1983, my mom would play her cassette through every night while cooking dinner, with me ever-transfixed at the rolling tape counter. I had forgotten most of the songs in the intervening years, but one note was often enough to make them all flood back. This marked my first official foray into '80s retro (and was possibly the first one on record in America). But it is a few months later, in early 1993, that I chanced upon "Down Under" by Men at Work on the radio. I knew immediately upon hearing "You better run/You better take cover" that this was the elusive song with the flute I loved when I was 3 years old. After that, I became obsessed with tracking down every song I sort-of remembered as a young child (a particular challenge pre-Internet), spending most of 1993 on the task.

This is perhaps why I never heard "'93 'til Infinity" by Souls of Mischief that year.

Sure, I'd heard of it, and was familiar with plenty of hip-hop songs that year, but for whatever reason this one never crossed my ears. I'm almost certain of that because I doubt I'd ever forget a hook that awesome. When I randomly clicked it on YouTube early in 2015, my immediate reaction was, "This is the perfect hook for my ears. Scientifically."

I remember 1993 photographically in a mosaic of music both old and new, and "'93 'til Infinity" is not at all a part of it. Instead, the song reminds me, more than any other, of this year, which is part of the infinity that said souls were referring to.

It's how I chill in 2015 until ...

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