Sunday, December 20, 2015

On the limitations of statues

Regarding the removal of Confederate statues from public squares:

If you were once in a tumultuous marriage where fighting was constant and the children were forced to take sides, and where the rancor was largely fueled by your spouse's fierce insistence that you not have a life of your own ... and if you then entered into a much more stable second marriage ... then it's understandable if, 20 years later, you walk past pictures from your first wedding still mounted in your living room and think, "Maybe I should put these in the attic."

If a visitor were to complain about hiding your history, you could say, "That is part of my past and always will be. But no one needs those pictures to recall it, and in fact it's a relief not having to see that face every day. Visitors will handle it just fine; I like to think it's all the fun we have that brings people here, not those pictures. They're in the attic if you really want to take a look. But for this household, it's time to move on.

"Long past time, really."

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