Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saints-Texans analysis

In 2009, during the Saints' superb Super Bowl run, I often missed games as they happened. This was because I lived in Missouri with basic cable — and because our weekly flag-football game took place at 1 p.m. each Sunday. If we wanted to know scores during our game, we either had to look to our friend (possibly the first person among us to own a smartphone) and hope his ESPN app was working, or bring a radio. Because the drive home from the football field was so short, I usually didn't get the score over the airwaves and had to fire up my old laptop (which couldn't stay on, lest it overheated) and cross my fingers before popped up. Oh, and there was the one-month gap when I had no functioning laptop, in which case I'd wait eagerly for SportsCenter (even telling people to call me back if they called during the Saints segment). The point being that, more often than not, I had to wait for the score. And I would. Then I'd revel in the highlights. It was a weekly ritual.

Fast-forward six years later: Today, I woke up late and stayed at home, where I have two fully functional computers, an iPhone 6, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, Saints-stocked social media and a fan friend who texts me during every game. Nowadays, it's harder work avoiding the score. And yet, I did. I had zero interest in the game, and didn't even bother to find out the score until nearly three hours after the final gun. Oh, it was 24-6 Texans, and the Saints went without a touchdown for the first time since Christmas Eve 2005? Glad I missed not a thing

You know, I remember that loss in 2005, which was at the hands of the Lions. I recall remember enjoying my new handheld DVD player while thinking, "Jeez, the Lions just beat the Saints! Not that I care, because these guys are awful and the whole regime's about to change anyway."

It's just one of those years. Judging by my Facebook feed and the single text by my friend before the game, I'm apparently not the only one who's drifted away from hardcore fanhood for the time being. Maybe it's for the best. It is liberating in a sense. But, in another, empty.

Honestly, I feel that way about most things these days. This year has been a bumpy one in terms of my getting excited about most things, long before this season gave me one more reason not to be plugged into my usual hobbies and diversions. 

And that's my Saints-Texans analysis.

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