Sunday, November 08, 2015

Not my cup of tea

Of all the things in the world to fret about...

A few years ago, when I was in physical therapy and was emotionally funked out, I heard a guy say on a New Year's Eve special that his resolution was to stop watching so many reality shows. My immediate reaction was something like, "Oh, sure, rub in how totally together your life is." Also, "I wouldn't trade my circumstances for yours for any amount of money."

That's very much how I'm feeling about the Starbucks-cup brouhaha. Whose life is so privileged, and yet simultaneously bereft, that they are bothered by a secular corporation decorating its cups merely with Christmas colors instead of the flashy pagan symbols that make the holiday distinctly Christian? 

Who feels their most personal beliefs are violated when those beliefs aren't overrepresented on a paper drinking vessel whose useful life can be measured in minutes before it's destined for the nearest landfill?

And where can I power up to that perch? Because that sounds awesome. Here I am losing sleep over so many of life's big questions, when I could be losing sleep over things that would be trivial even if they were justified, let alone when wrapped in three layers of ridiculousness.

Then again, in that situation, I'd also be incensed right now, and stupid. So I guess I'll stick to being me. Heavy-hearted, red-cup-tolerant me.

Happy Holidays!


KBliss said...

The funny thing about this whole ordeal, is that I haven't actually seen any Christians complaining. I have seen reports that Christians are upset, but I haven't actually read anything with Christians complaining.
Of course, maybe my not caring contributed to lack of research.
I have heard from many Christians though, that through the new gay marriage laws, various news coverage of Christians etc. They feel like religion is under attack in this country and they need to speak out for their beliefs whenever they can. Not saying this is at all the case, but I do know that many feel this way. So, I could believe that a few people or even a group said this as a "we need to have Christ in Christmas again!" statement and it got blown out of proportion because it is an odd thing to protest or speak out against. Journalists do report novelties you know :)

Ian McGibboney said...

I'm heartened to see most people, regardless of religious or political bent, see this for the stupidity it is. At the same time, the blowhard who started the whole deal has a huge following, and I have seen people legitimately agree with him. That First World persecution complex bleeds into how they feel about real issues, and that's disheartening. At least it's not most people.