Sunday, October 18, 2015

When kids enjoy playing with toys

My kind of kid. And dad.

When I was a small child, I also wanted a kitchen playset (mostly the refrigerator, but that counts). I didn't get one, but mainly because they were expensive. Several times during my childhood, most recently for Christmas when I was 9, I was given fake-grocery playsets that I wanted. 

I also had at least one each of Rainbow Brite and Care Bear toys, and watched My Little Pony and Friends during the Hasbro morning block.

I don't know what these said about my gender-normitude. That I liked appliances? That I enjoyed eating and/or playing shopkeep? Whatever it was, the worst fears of people with awful beliefs didn't come true. Because toys don't control that. Even if they did, so what? Who cares? Live and let live!

It's worth noting that I also played with action figures, Transformers and other dude stuff. The boy in the link does too, apparently.

Could it be that I, just like this boy, just really liked playing with toys?


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KBliss said...

I know lots of men who like to cook. I think saying that is a girly toy is just dumb.
Also, who cares? Psycho dads only.
Just for the record, Noah loves My Little Pony and Care Bears. He watches them both on Netflix and on his tablet he plays cooking games from Strawberry Shortcake baking to "street food" where you make hotdogs at a NYC stand lol.