Thursday, October 01, 2015

And 2015 has its representative headline

As Oct. 21, 2015 and a trillion viewings of Back to the Future II loom, we now know what that iconic film got the most wrong — specifically, the glaring lack of beards that look straight out of 1885. 

But if you look carefully (or read the Scholastic book based on the screenplay, which delves more into what businesses populate Courthouse Square), you'll see that there are clinics for all kinds of health needs — things that seemed downright wacky in 1989, but aren't much of a stretch today. 

Just off-screen in 2015 Hill Valley, there's probably a beard-transplant store. And it's more true to life than the Pontiac dealership. 

The article says that recent advances have made beard transplants possible in a non-doll-head sense. So we're in a moment where technology and trends have collided in the perfect storm of white hipsters having too much money to burn.

Too bad this convergence didn't happen 25 years ago, because then we would have had this for mullets. Mullets are eternal.

Funny what guys want. I grow lots of facial hair and consequently shave often. Razors are expensive. Meanwhile, there are men perfectly willing to shell out the price of a new car for the privilege of looking like they have lots of testosterone. That is, until the day they decide their scruff is out of style, then they have to keep shaving for the rest of their lives. Razors are expensive.

Though, all things considered, a beard is a more frugal way to look older than a lifetime of heavy smoking.

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