Monday, September 14, 2015

Saints-Cardinals analysis

• Every time I turned on NFL RedZone, the Cardinals either scored or intercepted Drew Brees. I smell a pattern brewing. Or maybe that was the wildfire smoke that's currently choking Reno. The olfactory difference is negligible.

• My local Fox affiliate, apparently believing no one in this market would care for a game so far away, broadcast an international soccer match instead.

• The Cardinals look like a playoff contender. The Saints won the Super Bowl once.

• That flea-flicker touchdown pass to Devery Henderson was a thing of beauty. Sorry, that was the Cards-Saints playoff game in 2010. I've replaced my license plates three times since then.

• Even in defeat, I find it hard to hate the Cardinals. When they come up against the Seahawks, I might get a tattoo of Big Red on my bicep.

• There is no "I" in team. But "penalties" has one.

• Theoretically, TEAM could also stand for, "Together Everyone Achieves Mediocrity." This happens a lot.

• It's too early in the season for fans of any team to panic. Every team's still in the running to lose to the Patriots.


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