Wednesday, September 23, 2015

God, the great football micromanager

Aaron Rodgers has long been one of my favorite quarterbacks, mainly because, on top of being a great football player for one of my favorite non-Saints teams, he also seems like a stellar human being. His sense of humor, his choice of insurance companies, his taste in Olivia Munn — it's like we're bonded, man.

So I was further delighted when I heard he made a comment at a post-game presser that seemingly mocked Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's previous platitude about God affecting a past game.

Now, I'm not going to go full-on Bill Maher and mock anyone for having different beliefs than I do, because that's cheap. Nor am I going to fault anyone for feeling that their faith helps them succeed. For all I know, it does, if only in a placebo-ish, feels-spiritual-but-is-scientifically-explainable sense.

But no matter how one feels about God, it's a stretch and at least a little arrogant to insist that an almighty being is picking NFL favorites every week. To subscribe to that suggests at best that God is a fickle fan. At worst, it would mean that the games are divinely stacked. Either way, one thing's for sure: There's no correlation between how devout a player is and how successful they are. Cases in point: Tim Tebow struggles just to stay on a preseason roster while Arian Foster is not constantly engulfed in flames.

But if God is indeed at the wheel as much as Wilson and others believe, I like to think that he/she/it is fixated at least slightly on something a little more important than professional American football. Like, say, helping to alleviate human suffering by healing Drew Brees' shoulder.

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