Monday, September 28, 2015

About that Facebook warning

... or any Facebook warning ...

It's a lie. It always is. Facebook makes its money off of YOU. It's the master of all marketing surveys. Think they want you to go? Try deleting your account. Facebook has so many tentacles that if you make your account dormant and then go to a website that uses your account, surprise! You have an active account again! With that level of codependence, I'm pretty sure Facebook would never charge for its services.

"I saw it on the media."

I did too, specifically in 486 articles saying not to share it because it's completely wrong.

"But better safe than sorry, right?"

No. Better Snopes than sorry. Seriously. Do a split-second of research and see how quickly this becomes less of a wager than a case of extremely cut-and-dry relief. 

Cut-and-dry relief feels good! Way better than irrational fear, for sure.

So rest assured, you still own the intellectual property to all those cat memes you reposted.

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