Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Picking on the picky — Part II

Under this Washington Post article that I wrote about in my previous blog is a comment that reads in part:

He was making sandwiches, slathering what was probably Wonderbread with mayo. I said, "Oh, I don't eat mayo." And he replied, "Well, it looks like you're starving to death, then." Faced with the choice, I forced that mayo sandwich (I'm sure there was something else between the bread, but it certainly did not seem like it) down the hatch.

This would have turned out very differently had this happened to me. But let’s not get into that scenario, because I’m not out to write a remake of Dante’s Inferno with all-new deep circles of hell where people this inflexible and rude drown in flaming mayonnaise forever.

(Note to self: Get into this scenario when you have time.)

My real point is, why would someone who is busy making sandwiches with mayo object to making one without mayo? Are they too busy to do less work? Do they not care that being an inflexible jerk might karmically work against them later?

I don’t get people sometimes. Well, often.

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