Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day haiku smorgasbord

I wrote a bunch of haikus for my mom today:

Ah, my mom, Karla
Being the middle child, I
Get called siblings’ names

I drew on the wall
And Mom was mad about it
I did it again

Sometimes we chat for
An hour-plus on the phone
It feels like minutes

My birthday falls on
Mother’s Day once in a while
I cannot compete

My taste in music
Is influenced by my mom
Michael Bolton rules

“Thank you Mom for the
Bologna and Monkees songs”
- Ian, age 7

One thing wasn’t cool
Mom never let me online
To be fair … eighties

I don’t always do
What Mom thinks I should do, but
“Don’t drink gas?” Solid

My mom used to drive
An ’80 Dodge Mirada
I still know the plate

“Hi Mom!” is what they
Said on TV years ago
On football sidelines

Mom puts up with me
I have no idea how
Although I’m awesome

Mom is so special
No matter how near or far
She’s always close by

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