Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day: One day later

Yesterday was Earth Day, or as some people thought of it, Middle Finger to Earth Day.

Why is the environment even a political issue? You’d think if Americans of all stripes could agree on one thing, it’s that we shouldn’t be wasteful and overly pollutive. But no, there are camps on this! And it’s not like they’re disagreeing on, say, degrees of human impact or how we should proceed with alternative fuels. Instead, it’s:

“We should do more to protect the environment.”

“No, we should try even harder not to, because Al Gore is a nerd.”

No one thinks fossil fuels are going anywhere anytime soon. But they do pollute. That’s not just a fact; it’s common sense. If you can’t pipe vehicle exhaust into an enclosed room without killing everyone in the room, it stands to reason that trillions of belching exhaust pipes and smokestacks aren’t helping the planet either.

(And I think I speak for most people when I say I’d love to give up internal-combustion engines and anything else that requires fossil fuels in its production. Viable alternatives aren’t yet at that point, however.)

Fossil fuels are a necessary evil in this day and age, as are many things. If oil and gas is your livelihood, be grateful, but don’t be specifically gleeful about the carnage it’s wreaking on the environment. Pollution is not something to brag about.

Neither is telling the planet to piss off because you hate a politician for that time he said you should consider your carbon footprint.

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