Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The future of the iconic Reno Arch is currently being considered, including the possibility that it could be replaced altogether, which has been done a few times over the decades. This news, and a conversation about local hipsters, instantly inspired an idea* that I doodled down eight hours later after I took care of business. I drew it after everyone else was gone, and didn't sign it.

(*-Thursday update: I've been told that the mustache-arch idea was said during that conversation. If true, whoops! But the motto is all mine at least ... ?)

Drawing the dry-erase way is tough on a left-hander.
I woke up this morning to see this shared twice on Facebook, which was both jarring and awesome. It also inspired other arch ideas. That's all I could ask for.

So when the city of Reno erects this arch across Virginia Street, you can say you saw it before it went mainstream, you hipster!

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