Monday, April 27, 2015

A handwritten blog


Reminded of me of two things I've been told:

1) That neat handwriting (typically meaning legible print) is unprofessional.
2) That creative people are, by definition, extraordinarily messy.

I scoff at both of those, because they're way too absolute. Personally, I have what I think is fairly neat handwriting, and I prefer organization to clutter. (I'm assuming that I am somewhat intelligent and creative despite such, so play along with that.)

Having handwriting that rivals the busiest doctor's and keeping a workspace straight out of Hoarders aren't gauges of intelligence any more than owning a typewriter and having a beard make someone Ernest Hemingway. It's the work that matters.

The rest of this blog is handwritten for your edification.

Though, to be fair, I find this messy.

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