Thursday, March 05, 2015

23 skidoo

Last year, when the Saints got rid of Darren Sproles, Lance Moore and Jonathan Vilma, I (and many others) thought maybe the team was playing 11th-dimensional chess. The resultant season unequivocally proved otherwise.

So forgive me if I feel like releasing Pierre Thomas is the latest example of what is, in fact, broken Pong. I'd feel better about the whole age/cap thing if I thought something better was on the way. I'm not yet convinced there is. I think right now the organization is desperate to clear some salary space above all else. Between that and the Benson family turmoil, the Saints look to be playing seriously from behind right now. I hope I'm wrong, just like last year.

Did you know the Saints have never been better than 7-9 in any year ending in a 5 (and were usually much worse)? This year's team could be the best 5-team ever with a mediocre season. Small victories.

Maybe I should wait at least until the draft to harrumph, huh?

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