Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why copy shops will live forever

Yesterday, I bought $61 worth of new ink cartridges for my printer/scanner, which I hadn't used to print anything since 2009 (though it continues to be a superb scanner). I was hoping to use it to print out some pictures on photo stock.

I did this fully aware that this particular machine requires four separate ink cartridges, and when one runs out (or its notoriously inaccurate sensor says it does), the printer ceases to function. In fact, that's the reason I'd stopped using it. But this time I figured I'd at least get a few quality prints before the drought, instead of zero. Alas, this is how far I got:

As you might guess, I ran out of cyan first — or at least, that's the cartridge that fell to unacceptable levels first, thanks to four bum test prints. I guess I should have run the standard test first, but I was too optimistic for my own good.

Even on its worst day, my printer never dried up this fast. Now I can't even print an all-black text document, and I'm not sure any black even made it to these images (maybe the last one).

Because I refuse to waste any more money on another cartridge, I will be going Jackson Pollock on these ink bricks as soon as I figure out how to do it.

Few appliances illustrate the middle finger of corporate cynicism like a printer that requires all colors to work to use any of them. I knew this already. I shouldn't have wasted $70 on cartridges and paper to remind myself. Fool me once ...

Also, I managed to disable my oven just by touching its circuitry last night. I'm on a roll!

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