Monday, January 19, 2015

The MLK litmus test

Another story today from sixth grade:

In math class at the beginning of the school year, a black girl I didn't know sat to my left. For the first day or two, she glared at me wide-eyed without saying anything.

Then, after I returned the gaze long enough, she finally introduced herself by asking me, "What do you think of Dr. Martin Luther King?"

Without a beat, I replied, "I think he was a wonderful man. How could he not be after what he did?"

With that, she lightened up and said, with a bit of relief, "OK, you're cool. I can't like someone if they don't like Martin Luther King." I'm guessing she'd asked that before with different results.

I'm not typically one for judging people by a single question. But that's a pretty good one.

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