Monday, January 12, 2015

My been-map state story

One of my favorite Internet things is the states-you've-visited map, which I've shared from time to time over the years. I'm always interested to see where friends and family have been (and not been). Here is my current been-map (as I just started calling it):

Updated most recently in December 2013 with a trip to Oregon and Washington.

But being me, of course, I couldn't stop merely at one map. I found myself plugging in various scenarios, realizing a lot about myself and how my life circumstances-slash-wanderlust have changed over the years.

For example, here's everywhere I had visited up to age 19:

This was finalized when I was 5, meaning I went 14 years between new states.

Here's everywhere I'd been at the time I began this blog in 2004:

If you squint, it looks like a fiddler crab.

What my map would look like today if two long-planned trips hadn't fallen through in 2004-05:

Those years. Good grief.

States I drove through with my truck, which I owned from 1999-2005:

It was a time of many repairs.

States I've driven through with my current car, bought new in 2007:

It's been a time of many road trips.

States I've only technically been to, in the sense of standing at the state line, having a layover at the airport, making a wrong turn in Kansas City, making a necessary U-turn to get to the St. Louis Gateway Arch or riding Amtrak:

Oklahoma, Georgia, Kansas, Illinois and Maryland/Delaware/Pennsylvania/New Jersey, respectively.

Where I've been since 2012:

And the states I haven't yet been to that I'm really, truly, dying to visit for vacation:

You no doubt have your own states story. Why not dig into it?

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