Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ebola Bucket: The Best of 2014

At times, 2014 seemed like a year in a different decade, the decade in question varying widely depending on the world event. Terrorist beheadings, out-of-control cops, racial strife, government standoffs and so on — it’s as if this year’s national and world events had something for everyone who loves the worst of many different time periods. (We also lost a lot of great people, from Robin Williams to Shirley Temple Black to Ruby Dee to “Stephen Colbert.”)

My usual convention when naming my year-end blog roundup is to mash together two words that most exemplify the year in news. But most of this year’s big stories were simply too sad for such use, so I went lighter with it. Hence one of the words being “Ebola.” Yep, 2014.

For me personally, 2014 was a mixed bag. My social life was nearly nonexistent this year, but it was also my first full year of employment since 2010. My brother nearly died from something that kills everybody, but he fully recovered in time to see his second daughter born four months later. I started 2014 with five months of intense sciatic pain that left me limping and popping back pills every six hours, but a chiropractor corrected that within a collective hour and a half. In March, after seven months of living bare in my Reno apartment (and 18 months total living out of a travel case), I finally had my furniture and belongings again. I watched from afar as the Saints faltered in the Superdome, but also got to see the Ragin’ Cajuns win the New Orleans Bowl there yet again (this time against my new home team).

The good news is, 2015 is upon us, so we can soon expect all of the wonderful advancements and relatively benign world we were promised in Back to the Future II. I can’t wait for Queen Diana to fly over in her car to bring us hoverboards! (I promise that’s the only time I’ll make that joke, but can’t speak for the rest of the Internet.)

As usual, you can find my personal favorite pieces of writing from 2014 divided up into the categories below. Stretch first and consult your physician if soreness persists. Have a great year!

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