Sunday, December 21, 2014

Revised Saints prediction (Last one)


(Last week: 8-8)

If the Saints forfeited next week's game, I literally would feel no different about them than I do right now. This year's team is a disgraceful waste of talent. They have won a few and looked good in the process, getting everyone's hopes up, but then wet the bed when it counts. It didn't count more than it did today, and they couldn't have played worse than they did.

Five straight losses in the Superdome hasn't happened since 1980, and it's bizarre that such a streak happened after such a legendary home-win stretch. That doesn't flip so dramatically without a major core crisis. Something is wrong.

But I'm all out of caring for this season. The only reason I pick the Saints to win one more is because it's an away game against the Bucs and there's nothing to play for. It's the only kind of game these guys know how to win anymore.

At least the Ragin' Cajuns haven't forgotten how to win in the Superdome.

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