Monday, December 22, 2014

My favorite nonexistent holiday songs

"Manger Anger" by Santa Slays

"Winter Wonder Bread" by William White and the Suburbanites

"I Saw Mommy as Santa Claus" by Shattered Innocence

"A Pitfall! Christmas" by the Activision '82 Singers

"Let It Snowball" by the Do-Nothings

"Sister Christmas" by Silent Night Ranger

"It's Not Tree Needles I Need" by Ornametal

"O Tannehill" by Miami Dolphin Machine

"Just Another Day" by an atheist paramedic with no seniority who works night shifts

"Obligatory Kiss" by Mr. Mistletoe

"I'll Be Rome For Christmas" by Rome

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Charles Manson

"Do They Know It's Dec. 14?" by Random Aid

"All I Want For Christmas (Is Stew)" by the Reasonable Expectations

"Little Bummer Droid" by Mannheim Stormtroopers

"Sleigh Rider" by the Brown M&Ms

"Away As A Manager" by the Mid-Level Business Travelers

"Dreck the Halls" by the Needless Cover Band

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