Sunday, November 30, 2014

Revised Saints prediction, part X


(Last week: 4-12)

I didn't watch one play of the Steelers game. I didn't even check the score until the Saints were up 35-16, which is when the Steelers did their too-little-too-late-but-just-barely dance. Also, just about every other team I wanted to win did today, including the Jaguars over the Giants, so clearly the world wants me writing instead of acknowledging that football exists.

I'm thinking now that the Saints aren't irrevocably bad, they just apparently completely flipped the script of home vs. road supremacy. Given that they have two road games left (both against beatable teams), I think they could manage 7-9 at this point, which could very well land them the division.


I'm really bad at this prognosticating business.

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