Monday, November 17, 2014

Helter wed-her

Charles Manson is getting hitched, and there is much rejoicing by defenders of traditional marriage.

I've already seen several unmarried friends joke (?) that even Charles Manson is married and they aren't. Which is funny (?) but also a flawed premise.

Lots of terrible people get married all the time. Charles Manson has been married at least twice before. It's an easy contract to enter into and is irrespective of personal worth.

Conversely, lots of awesome people marry later in life or not at all.

So if anyone is so bold as to tell me, "Charles Manson is married and you aren't," I shall respond, "Yes, but I'm not Charles Manson."

There's at least as much merit to not being Charles Manson as there is to being in a good marriage.

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