Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dear mom who drives badly

Hi, I'm Ian. You cut me off twice within seconds in traffic yesterday — first when you sped up behind me on the on-ramp, giving me little space to merge where the second lane ended, and again when you jarred left and flew past me, preventing me from merging left (and nearly forcing me to make an unwanted exit).

When I turned to glower at you as you passed by, I noticed that not once did you swivel your head, in my or any other direction. That didn't surprise me, as many people who cause problems for others on the road tend not to be aware of their environment, like those baffling people who don't look toward oncoming traffic when making turns or walking across the street. What's up with that? I'm asking the wrong person, aren't I?

Anyway, as you screamed by me in your red minivan, I noticed that you had stickers representing your many children on the back. I'll bet you're a loving and devoted mother. You raise your children right, aim to keep them happy and healthy and would no doubt do anything to protect them from harm. You probably pack the latest in car-seat technology in that minivan of yours to ensure that end as far as transportation is concerned.

But apparently, no one else's children matter to you. Yes, I'm a grown man, but my own loving mother texted me throughout the day to send pictures and make sure I was doing all right. Because I'm her kid. 

I have no children of my own, but I try to treat everyone on the road fairly, not just out of common courtesy and decency, but because everyone matters to somebody. It's not just about "me and mine" on the road; it's about all of us being safe and reasonable. I get that. It's time you did as well.

If that means you have to think of me as a child, well, so be it. 

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