Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Selective salutations

There’s a video currently circulating the Internet that shows President Obama, coffee in hand, snapping off a rough salute to Marines as he exits his helicopter.

It’s been shared numerous times on Facebook by those who see this as a breaking point, when they had no problem with Obama before. None whatsoever.

On this Fox News segment, Sean Hannity asks, “Would President Bush ever do that?” Uh, yeah.  

I distinctly recall a comparison video when Obama first became president, where George W. Bush was halfheartedly saluting (with nothing in hand), and Obama paused and gave a snappy salute. I also remember some comments on that video from Bush supporters saying how he saluted mattered less than his policies and leadership.

Surely, Bush gave off many healthy salutes as well. Maybe it’s just a thing that presidents sometimes get sloppy with after doing a million times. Who knows?

It’s hard for me to get worked up over such a thing. I don’t judge someone’s love for country by how rigidly they adhere to symbolism, especially insofar as it involves a civilian commander-in-chief exercising protocol that isn’t even official. None of us should.

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