Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Regarding Ebola

Ebola is not an airborne virus or one you get by eating tainted food. You contract it directly from infected bodily secretions or needles, and only then from a person who is in the infectious phase of Ebola sickness.

The person in Dallas who has been confirmed to be infected had traveled to Liberia, where an Ebola epidemic is underway. Because he showed no symptoms until back home a week later, the only people who have any chance of being infected by him are anyone who made contact with his bodily fluids during a time when he knew he was sick with something (all of whom are easy to account for). Now that he's quarantined, it's even less likely to spread. As the linked CBS article notes:

Before it was confirmed the patient definitely had the virus, Thompson spoke about the possibility of other North Texans being infected by the patient. “The key point is, if there’s been no transmission, blood, secretion, any type of bodily fluids by the infected person to someone else, then that [infection] risk is low to none.”

So for everyone in America freaking out about the possibility of catching Ebola, well, worry about any of the many other things that are much more likely to kill you. Or, better yet, follow the news and arm yourself with the facts so you aren't irrationally afraid.

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