Sunday, September 07, 2014

In defense of emotion

Three times during the Saints-Falcons game, I was told either to calm down or was called a "questionable" fan. Twice on Twitter and once by my parents, who are in town visiting me.

(My parents asked me to calm down. They didn't question my fanhood. Just to be clear.)

It's not that I got angry (I've been far worse), but I did call the team "garbage" on Twitter and went for a walk at one point. Actually quite restrained for a Falcons game.

Look, I'll admit that a real-time medium is as easy to use as it is to misinterpret. And yes, I go overboard at times with the skewed perspective.

But I'm a fan and I have passion, and I won't apologize for that. It's a very narrow passion that comes out intensely at times. I loved when Marques Colston slammed his helmet after he turned over the ball in overtime, because that's what I wanted to do too in that moment. He was speaking for all of us. 

I've worked hard to tone down my anger and disgust when the Saints lose. But I'm not one to shrug it off immediately like many people do. I'm not wired that way. Good for you if you can do that. I can for most things, but a Saints loss, especially one like this, always stings.

This Saints team is not garbage. In fact, they could be the best team ever. They even gave us a preview of how it well it could all work in the first half. But it was nearly all downhill from there, spectacularly. It's like your new car falling apart when you get it home. It makes the reality so much worse. My hope is that the Saints learn from it and that the fact it was a Falcons home game had at least something to do with it. I want this team to succeed. 

Just like I always have and always will.

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