Monday, August 11, 2014

Seen inside a portable toilet at Lake Tahoe

Whoever wrote this is clever. Whoever added the last two items, isn't.

The second person either didn't read past the first three words and assumed this was a crowdsourced list of things people who write on toilet stalls hate, or did read it all and thought adding things they genuinely hated would heighten the gag.

Either way, FAIL.

This isn't a political observation (it would be every bit as stupid if someone had written "conservatives" or "Republicans") — it's simply a humor observation. The original joke is perfect by itself. Nothing can really be added to it. Adding something so left-field that it's obviously meant to derail the joke, like "bunnies," could be funny in its own way. But I've seen and heard enough "I hate libs" talk in the South to know it's never a punch line. Such sentiment against an ideological (or racial, demographic, etc.) group rarely is.

What I hadn't seen before is this joke, and I wish I'd come up with it. That, not the cropworthy addenda underneath, is why I felt compelled to share it. 

In a way that that isn't vandalism, of course.

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