Thursday, August 07, 2014

Mingle manna

I like to ask people, "What are you into?" Because while a job is important and obviously how people spend much of their time, only a few are truly defined by what they do. I have many friends who shuffle files all day at a cubicle, and we didn't meet at the Paper Pushers' Club in college. Hell, I couldn't even tell you what many of my friends do to earn money. I could tell you about all of the enriching ways they spend their free time, though. That's what I like to know about people, and what most would prefer to talk about.

Even those with perfect-fit jobs tend to be more intriguing for the qualities that make them do what they do. 

To say nothing of people without jobs, who aren't necessarily any less dynamite.

Mainly, I just like to see people light up when they get in the zone of talking about their favorite things. This is something every single person can do, even if they don't think they have it in them. It's fun for them and I might learn something too. It's almost never boring.

Even when it is, though, at least it's not stilted.

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