Sunday, August 03, 2014

Lower that text drive

This morning, I saw a video aimed at teens discouraging texting while driving. For the most part I like these videos, because texting while driving is stupid and dangerous.

But even though teens are newer to driving and probably text more than anybody, I think we might be making this campaign too much about them. Some spots I've seen remind me of those late-'90s anti-smoking campaigns by tobacco companies — ones that boil down to, "Teens shouldn't engage in this activity because it's for adults, and you don't want people to think you're an adult, do you?"

Texting while driving is something nobody should do. Ever. It's not something that anyone ever gets to be a good-enough driver to do. Nor is it a necessity. Texting has only been around for about a decade, and hasn't made our everyday communication any less pointless. Telling someone "I love U" or "Nothin" can wait. For that matter, "I've discovered the cure for cancer is ..." can also wait until the next parking spot. Seriously. 

(Side note: Texting is not a valid argument for the crappiness of millennials. It's not as if previous generations suppressed it out of a desire to plow fields. Had texting been available prior to mandatory seat belts, it would have been just as embraced, and we might have gone extinct as a species.)

So, yeah, don't text and drive, no matter what age you are. 

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