Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Maybe if you squint...

One of the weirder byproducts of the Hobby Lobby birth-control debate is that it eventually prompted blogger Holly Fisher to pose with a giant weapon, Bible and American flag. Someone on the Internet quickly ran with this, finding a jihadist striking an identical pose.

The National Review has helpfully clarified the difference between the two women:

• The one on the right is a Muslim fundamentalist who killed people (or was a completely different woman who killed people, either way).

• The one of the left is a good, Christian American who never murdered anyone, but is simply mocking Barack Obama for his guns-and-religion comment by clinging to her gun and Bible.

So yes, there is a difference in terms of respective death count. That's one way of looking at it, I guess. But not the way I, and I'd assume most others, do.

I'm more concerned with the thought process that compels these women, or anyone, not just to possess assault weapons, but also to feel the need to brandish them on camera. And to do so while carrying holy books and standing in front of flags, allusions to the top two guises under which people feel most obligated to engage in bloodshed. 

Guns should be instruments of last resort, faith should be personal and patriotism should be lived, not flaunted. These images, and so many others like them, fail all three of those tests. In neither case am I reassured by what these women represent.

In that sense, there's no difference between the pair.

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