Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm supposed to be on IMDb, apparently

In December 2012, I worked for a few days on a film with the working title Boulevard H, but now is called Walk of Fame. This was possibly my best experience in films. In addition to getting what will have to be the most screen time I ever got (any reshoots aside), I also had the chance to mingle with real actors, some of whom actually gave me props. It was also the only film I've shot in a studio, which meant it actually didn't feel like New Orleans at noon for once.

What made this experience particularly interesting was that I was bumped up to stand-in for star Scott Eastwood, son of Clint (who was a good guy to me). Being a stand-in accounts to a break in the extra sphere; not only do you get a pay bump, but it's often a good way to get noticed yourself. As a crew member told me, many big stars started out as stand-ins for other actors. They actually wanted me to work a few weeks longer, but I was commuting to New Orleans each day from Lafayette at a time when the film was my sole source of income (theoretically, as it turned out). Anyway, they later flew in a professional stand-in for Scott. I did manage to get on camera as a drama student, but mostly served as a generic stand-in near the end of my stint.

One of the other stand-ins had gone to high school with me, but we didn't know each other then (though our brothers had played football together). She and I struck up a friendship. Yesterday, she excitedly posted on Facebook that she now has an IMDb page. Her first official credit? Stand-in on Walk of Fame. I was thrilled for her.

That's when I realized, holy crap, I might have an IMDb page too! So I scrolled down the full cast and crew list, not trying to get too excited, but also getting excited. Hey, I remember her and her and him and ... 

I'm not on there. Of course not. Bummer.

Then I remembered I never got my paycheck for the film, and that a complaint to the state board of labor got me nowhere. Then I remembered that I'd been a stand-in-stand-in for Beautiful Creatures, and never got credit for that either. I don't know if the nonpayment made the difference in this case, but clearly I had a bad-luck streak during my career as an extra. I guess I'll have to try harder in my eternal quest to land an IMDb profile. 

Nevertheless, I can't wait to see this film. I think it'll be an interesting, quirky comedy. I hope my face makes it in, even if my name never did.

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Robin said...

Dude! You need an agent!