Saturday, June 28, 2014

We're split on this

This is one of the subjects that, aside from me disagreeing with it, I just find weird. 

It's weird to me because I can't think of a time I've eaten out with any size group where I was pressured to pay exactly the same as everyone else. I've paid for what I ordered. I've paid for a friend or date. And sometimes for the whole group. But not that.

And I wouldn't. I tend to eat only small, low-priced entrees and don't drink alcohol. Anyone who expects me to subsidize their gluttonous tab probably isn't in my circle to begin with.

This must be one of those situations unique to metropolis-sized cities, where restaurant traffic and possibly cash-only policies come into play. I've never worked as a server, so maybe it's a convenience issue for them that I don't know about, but I can't imagine it's that much of a hassle to split tickets in the computer age, especially early on in the transaction. Whether it is or not, I'll make it up on the tip.

What I refuse to do is believe that it's my duty as a light eater and teetotaler to pay the same price as someone who gorges on food and drink, simply out of pretentious etiquette. This isn't like taxes, where we're looking out for each other; this is being cheated and paying for the privilege. And no, the others won't make up for it later, unless my tastes, stomach capacity and sense of propriety suddenly change. Even if that did happen, no one owes me for my indulgence.

Let's all split and have a fun time.

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