Saturday, June 21, 2014

Today in convenient anarchy

Meet Xylie Eshleman and Dustin Rosondich, a couple that is also a band. They've been in jail for the past month because they had a made-up "nonresident" license plate on their car and refused to sign a traffic ticket because America doesn't own them! 

Some people have too much privilege. It shows in their philosophical tantrums. Tens of thousands of people each year brave treacherous conditions and potential legal repercussions to get into the United States, hoping America holds opportunity for them. But these kids had it handed to them and they can't be bothered.

Not in terms of obligation, anyway. They're all too happy to drive on public roads in a car that meets federal safety standards, and shoot music videos (with a non-exploding camera and probably a municipal permit) where they're walking on public roads, window-shopping at stores that aren't being ransacked by marauders and playing instruments they presumably bought with government-backed currency and not with pelts. And they do all this while reminding us to put down our egos, presumably because the fact that we built that can really get to our heads.


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