Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Redskins' weak defense

Here's a tip for anyone who insists that "Redskins" is not an offensive mascot: Don't try to find equivalents. Seriously, there aren't any.

"The Saints? That offends my Christian beliefs, ho ho ho!"

"The Cowboys might be offensive to the Marlboro Man!"

"I hear sharks are offended by San Jose's insinuation that they're fierce creatures."

"Next thing, MADD will want to do away with the Brewers!"

"Chargers? Think of the electricians!"

"Grizzlies is offensive to black bears. Hurr hurr!"

"Ooh, Why don't we change WHITE Sox too? I'm white! It offends me!"


"Redskins" is a direct reference to the skin color of indigents who were virtually exterminated largely on the basis of said skin color. It's a word that hasn't been in polite vernacular for generations. It makes Indians and Braves look progressive by comparison.

Absolutely no other mascot outrage, real or imagined, even remotely compares, and it's pathetic to pretend otherwise.

Change the name.

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