Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wheel unfortunate

The best thing (and, eventually, the worst thing) about Pat Sajak's embarrassing climate-change tweet is all the Wheel of Fortune jokes that can be made. 

• Sorry, Bob Barker's sign-off is still the king.

• The "global warming" puzzle must fall under the new category, "Not a Thing." 

• Sajak apparently has fictional character.

• R S T L N Ehh?!!

• You have 30 seconds to ruin your reputation. Talk it out. Good luck!

• "Psst ... Pat ... the answer is actually, 'Morris the Cat.'"

• They're also racists? Is this tweet Before and After?

• In his defense, he didn't mean proper name.

• Somebody needs to spin again, and hard.

• Quite a bit of lost turns there.

• That comment was more white than Vanna.

• No, Wheel of Fortune's acronym isn't WTF. Well, it wasn't.

• Vanna turns the letters. Pat turns them into something awful.

• Vowels are worth nothing, consonants worth ... also nothing.

• All of Wheel's future puzzles will be misspelled like tea party signs.

• Nothing but SUV prizes from here on out!

• Immediately afterward, Bob Goen tweeted, "Right here, guys."

• Talk about bankrupt!

• I'd like to solve the puzzle as to why a mostly beloved public figure who hosts an awesome game show would post such a train-wreck tweet.

It's been common knowledge for a while that Pat Sajak is a strong conservative; after all, Rush Limbaugh was the substitute host for The Pat Sajak Show back in 1990. But I think even Rush just said, "Man, that was dumb." Or, even worse, not.

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