Saturday, May 17, 2014

The revolution will not be ... a revolution

There's a lot to be said about any rally that calls to overthrow a democratically elected government. 

But really, 10-30 million people? Have these organizers ever put on an event, been to an event, read a Wikipedia article about an event or ever done basic math in their lives? Millions of people don't show up for any one thing; six digits is the stuff of legend. Even the Million Man March wasn't close, if you believe the official estimates, and million is right there in the name. A sensible, singular million.

Nevertheless, the Million Man March was at least somewhat close in estimating its own impact. Operation American Spring overshot not just the number of Americans wanting to take their country back, but also overshot physics. But even if all 30 million angry Americans managed to take time off work (or militia) at the same time and travel to Washington, D.C., that's still a minority of Americans.

Protip: It's better to lowball an event's estimated attendance so that, if exceeded, it looks like the movement is even more popular than previously thought, than vice versa. In this case, a better estimate would have been 10-30. Considering how legally dubious such a call to revolution is, that attendance figure actually is impressive.

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