Thursday, April 10, 2014

"The market has spoken," indeed

TMZ's Facebook question about the just-announced news that Stephen Colbert is taking over David Letterman's Late Show is this: 

That's the problem right there. Colbert shouldn't have to fill anyone's shoes. It's going to be sad to watch him try. I am disheartened by this move and saddened by the brilliant show that's being sacrificed in the name of fame and fortune.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope in two years, people point at and laugh at me for being so off-base in my predictions. I hope Colbert can bring a subversive bent to a mainstream network audience that continues what he started on the Colbert Report. That would be awesome. But right now, I'm not convinced. 

The Colbert Report was a show with a purpose. But like with most pieces of artistic integrity (and most things I love in general), money eventually shoves it out of existence. I hate money. 

But even more, I hate the waste of talent that this portends. Any one of hundreds of comedians could have succeeded Letterman, some of whom need to be on TV every night. No one will be the next Colbert, and Colbert will be judged harshly against Letterman. Just, bad move. Bad in all the right ways and good in all the wrong ways.

Well, thanks for the nine years, Stephen. It was fun while it lasted. I hope someone is able to take the torch you just spiked.

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