Friday, April 25, 2014

That's what he (should have) said

Cliven Bundy's recent remarks have brought out the inner poetry professor in many of his supporters, who are expertly explicating why his remarks weren't at all racist

It's tempting to ridicule these people, because Bundy's comments on race would embarrass Archie Bunker (and possibly David Duke). But I think Bundy's defenders have a point; after all, his overarching point (buried beneath the toxic slurry of slurs) was that the U.S. government enables dependence. The main point is one deserving of a more reasonable, less-racist rant. Here's what Bundy should have said:

"Too many people in this country want something for nothing. They think they can just take whatever they want and not have to pay for it. They'll even cite some mistreatment 150 years ago as an excuse. But hey, that's the past! They'd know that if decades of government freeloading hadn't muddled their thinking."

Though I suspect that would be immediately followed by, "What? Something in my teeth?"

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