Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How I felt about the Mother finale


I only occasionally watched How I Met Your Mother — not enough to catch all the references or to diagram plot lines, but enough to get the gist of the series (and to catch numerous Saints-shirt sightings.) Last night, I managed to catch the last couple of minutes of the finale. 

I thought it was perfect. Somewhat tragic, but realistic, and at least more substantive than if the mother just walked in and said, "OK, kids, time for bed." (Though having her say, "Let me tell you what really happened" could have had spinoff potential, but I guess you can only have so much kid footage from 2005.) It ends on a hopeful note, and a long-simmering one that the writers went out of their way to not let anyone see coming, even if they did from the first episode.

Conversely, I loved that Barney and Robin's much-hyped marriage ends suddenly and anticlimactically. That's real. Who doesn't know someone who had the wedding of a lifetime and that turned out to be the zenith of the relationship? People act like they, as viewers, were owed a perfect union just because of the hype. And everything else that's predictable. But then that would have been panned as predictable.

Many viewers didn't like the subversion, but I did. So, good work.

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