Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A sterling move

This is the right move by the NBA and I applaud it. It's in the league's best interest to disavow the incredibly racist remarks of one of its owners. When every NBA big-shot is urging action and even the Clippers players are engaging in on-court protests during the playoffs, something has to change, fast.

Just as I said when Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty got in trouble for his anti-gay remarks, freedom of speech doesn't relieve one of the consequences of that speech. And while I respect privacy, I respect more the idea that our movers and shakers aren't vocalizers of hate.

Donald Sterling, like Cliven Bundy immediately before him, has proven that not even money, power or firearms can buy off bigotry. Racism persists, but it hasn't been cool for a long time — and now it's increasingly less cool to express in private, much less publicly. This is a long-overdue phenomenon and it gives me hope for this country. 

Three points!

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