Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A conversation about the Clippers

Outraged person: "Man, I can't believe the NBA fined Donald Sterling and banned him for life! Don't they believe in free speech?"

Me: "I'm sure they do, but free speech still means you have to deal with the consequences of what you say."

"Come on. He can't possibly the first team owner to say something that bad in private conversation."

"That's probably true, sadly."

"They could have levied a less-severe punishment."

"Well, the NBA apparently decided that nothing short of a lifetime ban would keep the league in the public's good graces. I mean, can you imagine the furor if Sterling came back from a suspension? Even coach Doc Rivers supposedly didn't want to return if he remained owner. The fans were protesting too, as were other owners and even the players themselves, during the playoffs no less. The league doesn't want any of that rancor."

"Such a politically correct world we live in! Would this have even have been an issue if the team owner was black?"

"You mean if a black team owner had told his alleged mistress not to bring white people to games? Yeah, I think they'd call for his head too."

"Well, why doesn't the media point that out?"

"Because, as far as we know, Michael Jordan hasn't said that."

"What about all the other black team owners?"

"In the NBA?"

"Or the NFL. Or the major leagues. Perhaps that's the conversation we should be having."

"I'm not having it."

"I know."

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