Saturday, March 08, 2014

Who? Drat!

All I have to say about the New Orleans Saints' ongoing massacre of every player anyone's ever heard of is this:

It better be worth it.

Oftentimes, it is. Aging, expensive talent makes way for younger, cap-friendly successors. Perhaps new players are needed for ever-evolving schemes. Individual cuts are logical even if the sum looks uncertain. Et cetera.

But the sweeping scope of these cuts looks simply to me like feverish and panicked attempts to cut down the salary cap to afford Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham — a hot combo that nevertheless works mainly as a function of not being the only thing on the field (and even then, only sometimes).

The players left still have lots of promise. I hope I have my tail between my legs come January and they read my remarks in another one of those "get your story straight now" ads. But as it stands now, I think the Saints cut more of their foundation too suddenly than is good for their chances at continued success.

I'm betting most of these guys, if not all, will find their way to other teams. And they will be good. Probably against the Saints. When that happens, none of us fans will give the first F about salary caps or business acumen.

It's a business, yes, but rushed concern with the immediate bottom line is bad business. 

Also, the "Thank You" graphics from the team are a bit much. Those should come from fans, not the organization that severed ties with the player. "Don't let the pat hit you on the back on the way out!"

Sigh. Is it too late to get into knitting?

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