Monday, March 24, 2014

It took a while, but I'm finally right

Here's a weird, random thing I noticed yesterday.

When I was 12, a dance song came out called "Love U More." I'd listen to it on the radio and liked it well enough, but never owned the single or sought it out in subsequent playlists. Last night, I decided to find it for the first time since it dropped off the airwaves. I thought this whole time that "Love U More" was by Jade, but it was actually the work of Sunscreem (Jade did "Don't Walk Away," also a cool song I remember from 1992).

OK, so that's an easy-enough memory lapse; the songs were in rotation at the same time, and were the biggest hits of their respective groups. That isn't the weird part.

Searching for the song took some time because I didn't have the correct artist (also, because I was typing in "Love You More," because I'm a copy editor). Even when I finally struck gold, it was a remake of the sought song (Which I guess is striking silver?) — a 2011 cover by Sunday Girl that's very faithful to the original.

Sunday Girl's real first name? Jade.

Anybody have a mop? 

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