Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Being a busy bee is your business

I enjoyed this article because I've always despised that humblebrag (or full-on brag) attitude that many people have about the breakneck pace of their lives. In Rat Race America, being slammed is a virtue, a sign of being wanted and valued. Like with money, whoever has the most "overwhelm" wins and has a duty to lord it over others.

There's a difference between having a breakneck life (which most people have at least sometimes) and actively flaunting such. If someone has time to diagram all the reasons they're blowing someone off (especially in response to the need for two seconds of their time), they're just trying to impress. And it isn't working. 

Fortunately, I don't deal with this attitude much, even though most people I know have perpetually full plates. When responsibilities aren't status symbols, they tend to just get handled and that's the end of it. Personally, I'm more about being productive than being busy, and am far more impressed when people block out time to breathe than when they're aggressively scheduled. 

The need to be the busiest can literally kill. Have a life instead.

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