Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's OK if you don't care for this

It amuses me how some people will make a great effort to tell you how much they don't care about something. 

Not in the sense of someone trying to thwart a personal conversation involving a topic one of them isn't interested in, or even posting online, "I'm sick of [whatever]" — I'm referring specifically to people who hijack Internet conversations to say something like, "Yeah, I couldn't care less about this."

Just like everyone else, I get tired of multiple conversations and posts about things I don't care about. At times, I'm even tempted to tell the especially overzealous to get a life. But then I remind myself that I can also be overzealous and that I have no life, so I let it go. No one cares if I don't care, and anyway, why should I care that people have passions about something that I don't? That's what makes life interesting. No point in being a drag about it.

This is something that activists should heed, by the way. Many get so singularly focused on their cause that they admonish others for indulging in what they see as frivolous diversions. Hijacking someone's conversation about football by saying, "football is a distraction to keep the sheeple occupied while Big Government and corporations tear up America," is about as counterproductive an approach as I can imagine. If you want to connect with people, find common ground with them instead of insulting the things that they enjoy. It's entirely possible to care about the troubles of the world and have fun in life. When people realize they can care and still be a regular human being, then the wheels of change really get rolling.

That's a thought worth caring about.

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