Sunday, January 19, 2014

About pulling for the Seahawks...

Every year during the playoffs, some fans will switch loyalties to a team that knocked out their favorite team — the reasoning being, it will make the loss sting less if it's to the eventual champions.

I understand this view. But I don't share it at all. Whenever this happens, at any level, I always want that team to go down hard at the very next opportunity. That's the competitive fire in me, I guess.

If someone were to beat me up and steal my wallet, I would not pull for them to beat up more people, or to empty out my bank account, no matter how skilled they were at those things. I would want them stopped. 

That's a pungent and flawed analogy, probably, but you get my point.

To carry on my 23-year-running pregame ritual, No Go Seahawks.

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