Thursday, January 30, 2014

A product of being 19?

I find it funny how so much talk about Justin Bieber's arrest breaks down to this:

"He's just doing what any 19-year-old does, but with more money and fame."

I understand what people are trying to say, but it's a bit off. Most 19-year-olds don't get arrested for allegedly assaulting limo drivers or for drag-racing. (I knew one guy around that age who was convicted for his role in a drag-race collision that killed four people, but that's obviously a tragic outlier.) 

Yes, there's a certain immaturity that comes with being 19, being as it is at the awkward intersection of teendom and adulthood. But I remember at that age a distinct feeling that the rules of law and physics still applied to me. Like most people that age (and any age, let's face it), there are certain illegal-yet-victimless crimes I could have partaken in without anyone knowing — youthful indiscretions, I believe the presidents call it. (I didn't, though, because I'm a rebel like that.) But I didn't realize that such experimentation and retroactive forgiveness applied to absolutely everything. Man. Kids these days back then, or something.

I wonder at what age that immunity magic wears off. Is it when Taylor Swift starts feeling 22? Is it when George W. Bush turns 40, which is the new 20? Does life really begin at 50, thus restarting the process? That would explain why some rich old men drive Lamborghinis like Bieber's.

Hmmm. Maybe immaturity is forever after all.

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