Monday, December 09, 2013

Quite possibly the highlight of my life

Throughout 2012 and part of 2013 — as most of you know — I worked on some movies and TV shows. Many of them were worth seeing because of my presence and little else. This is not the case with "2 Guns." This film is just plain awesome. How awesome? I'm just the opening act.

That quick swipe took two days to shoot.
This scene, which starts with Mark Wahlberg talking on a cellphone in a diner and pans to Denzel Washington across the street (with me striding in between), opens the film. In fact, I was present to watch nearly the entire pre-title sequence being filmed. The two-day shoot was one of my favorite movie experiences, and you can read about it here

When filming this scene, I didn't know Denzel was going to come out the bank until it was happening. On the second take, we nearly ran into each other. We never interacted, but I can say I shot a scene with him, and it was every bit as cool as you'd think it would be.

(Side note: I hate the way I look from the side. But some things you let slide in a situation like this.)

Even if I wasn't in it, I'd highly recommend "2 Guns." It's a very, very good action-comedy, and I'm honored to have had a small part in it, making Denzel look badass. Like he needs my help.

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