Thursday, December 26, 2013

I take this back

Everyone who knows me (or has scanned any byte of any information I've ever unleashed on the Internet) knows that I am an irrational Saints fan.

The above status, posted at the final gun of last Sunday's Saints-Panthers game on Sunday, is typical of the steaming fare you get from me on Twitter whenever I live-tweet a terrible Saints game (which itself is a product of watching alone and having no one in person to complain to). And like everything I write about the Saints in real time, it requires context. Which is lost when people read the statement any more than four seconds after I post it.

For the most part, I confine my game-time statements to Twitter, though Snapchat might be a better forum. Ninety percent of what I say, I immediately regret (though the negative tweets seem to work mojo in a weird way).

This past Sunday, I breached my warped version of online etiquette to post the above status on Facebook. Unlike most of my statuses, which typically garner double-digit likes and multiple comments, this one got a much more muted response. As it should have.

A scan of similar statements by others online generally begets such reactions as, "you can't possibly mean that," "don't get so worked up" and (my favorite) "get off the bandwagon," just to name three.

For my part, the above statement was an instant reaction done at the height of emotion. It's not like I came back five hours after the game ended and said it (though reading it five hours later, it could come off that way, and I did still feel that way then).

Second, the only reason I wouldn't want New Orleans to make the playoffs is because playing the way they've been playing this month would only prolong the agony. The Saints I don't want to make the postseason is the inexplicably egg-laying team that turns my head into a heated headquarters for future regrets and my heart into a trampoline. It's just bad for my health and sanity. 

But that's just selfish of me, and football is a team sport. So I'll declare here that I want the Saints to go to the playoffs. The good Saints, that is. Not the dead-eyed team that travels so poorly. (That part I meant.)

As a wild card, they could easily take on some of the deep seeds. Anyway, a wild-card berth is better than nothing, even if the Saints did epically squander a four-game division lead with seemingly no problem whatsoever and did you see the lack of drive in their eyes and...

There I go again. Sorry. Moving on...

Few people have ever accused me of being a bandwagon fan (those who have are strangers misreading a single tweet, and I'm always quick to correct them). No one did this past week either. But those echoing similar statements online were often met with the bandwagon rebuttal. That is ridiculous. Bandwagon fans, by definition, only care when a team is winning. They don't care when they slump, certainly not to the point of railing about it. If anything, people like us should care less, because we can't do anything about how they play, but we can preserve our own circulatory systems.

So let's go, Saints. Make the playoffs, then own the playoffs. If that doesn't happen, I've already written a blog for the occasion. Please ensure that I wasted my time on it, as I do on so many tweets and statuses. 

Either way, I'm taking deep breaths for you. And for me.

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